Most of the fond memories I have of my childhood are of camping with my family. I don’t remember much of grade school, specific holidays, our first dog, getting acne, or even when I first discovered my attraction to the opposite sex. I know all these things happened, but whether its due to newer memories pushing them out or them being unpleasant memories to begin with, they no longer exist in my aging brain.

But as stated at the beginning, I think I remember every camping trip we took whether it was in our pop-up camper trailer or just in tents. I remember where we went. I remember what we did. I specifically remember the laughter and the constant smiles on all our faces, which was a rarity at the time. Through all the turmoil our family faced in our lives at home, our family was at its best when camping. But eventually we stopped taking those trips. All family’s grow up, or grow out, of certain things and we were no different. The family faced a bigger challenge at home and we could no longer validate these trips away.

So fast forward to today. My parents are no longer around and now I have a family of my own with a beautiful wife and children. Several years ago, I expressed the desire to go camping once again. More specifically for the whole family to go camping with me. I’d be lying if I said it was received with anything better than a luke warm reaction. But after persistence and an ultimatum from my wife (No Tents! Buy a camper trailer!), we were off and camping. And I’m delighted to say we haven’t looked back since.

What excites me most is not the looking forward to each adventure, or even living out those adventures, it’s the memories my children will have when they are my age. Hopefully they will be as important to them as mine are to me. So, I wanted to start this blog to help remind me of these new times and new memories we are making, and to share with others what we as a family love to do. Hopefully you the reader get enjoyment, and maybe even education, out of reading what is posted on this site.