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If you are new to camping in a trailer or if you have heard strange jargon used around the campground and you get offended when someone mentions your “stinky slinky”, below is a list to help you navigate your way through any conversation with the pros.

Honey Wagon- The “Honey Wagon” is the truck that comes through the campground offering to let you dump your waste in the event that the site you are in does not have sewer hook-ups which is very common. This saves you the hassle of re-hooking the trailer and dragging it to the dump station mid trip. It also saves you from hassling the kids to do their business in the woods instead of the toilet in your rig.

Toad– A toad is used to describe either a small car or truck that is being towed behind an RV or a small trailer being towed behind a large tow vehicle.

Dump Station– Where the grey and black water tanks are emptied. Usually at the entrance to the campground. Also located at some state Rest Areas along the interstate in some states.

Wally Dock– Camping overnight in a Wal Mart parking lot

Boondocking– Camping without hookups in an undeveloped area (non-campground). Also known as dry camping or dispersed camping.

Black Water Tank– Waste water (sewage)

Grey Tank- Sink or shower water

Fresh Water Tank– Drinking water

Slide Out– When your trailer has a section that slides out when parked in order to expand the living space

5th Wheel– Designed to be towed by a pickup with a special hitch in the bed. Much bigger than standard travel trailers

Stinky Slinky– The flexible sewer hose that is used to dump waste water from the trailer to the dump station or sewer hookup

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